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Staff Members

The vast majority of Admins/Staff in Forbidden Lands are divided into two teams: The Management Team and The Justice Team. The management team are responsible for making decisions about changes to the community. Meanwhile The Justice Team are responsible for the moderation part, they interpret our rules and handle disputes between players in the community.

The Management Team is the "political" part of the organisation, they are responsible for keeping up-to-date information in their assigned areas and making any decision regarding changes in those. Each member of the management is expected to carry out dialogues, announce changes and answer questions about their area or responsibility. The General Manager oversees the management and fulfills any duties of vacant positions in The Management.

The Justice Team is responsible for moderating in-game, on the forums and on any Forbidden Lands VOIP systems, their main task is handling disputes, interpreting and enforcing our rules. The Justice team is divided into an hierarchical structure with increasing responsibility where everyone starts at the bottom and the more experienced, well-drilled members hold the higher ranks and responsibilities. The junior members are expected to carry out most of the daily tasks under the mentorship and assistance of the more experienced members.

The Management Team:

  • Executive Manager

      Executive Manager:

      The Executive Manager is responsible for the server, the community, structure of the staff teams and the overall operations of Forbidden Lands. The role is held by the owner and founder, Kannel. The Executive Manager is responsible for the actual structure of the management team and staff. He carries out dialogues with the senior staff and analyzes how the server / community / staff structure can improve as a whole. The Executive Manager hand picks the General Manager and Head Admin who are in turn responsible for their teams of staff respectively.
  • General manager

      General manager:

      The General Manager is in charge of The Management, his main duty is to discuss propositions with other members of the Management and make decisions on them, he is also responsible for keeping the public updated on news regarding the server and community. The General Manager is the only person authorized to approve changes to the Altis Life rules. The General Manager is appointed by and led by the Executive Manager.
  • Retail Manager

      Retail Manager:

      The Retail Manager is responsible for regularly and independently keeping track of all items in the shops, which items should be faction-specific, which uniforms/gear/vehicles that should be included in the shops and making sure the balance is fair. The Retail Manager is supposed to cooperate mainly with The Faction Manager and the Pricing Manager while making these decisions and communicating these to the Pricing Manager for implementation into the correct configuration files.
  • Pricing Manager

      Pricing Manager:

      The Pricing Manager is responsible for regularly and independently balancing the entire economy of the server, this includes but is not limited to the prices in all shops, the money rewarded for working/farming. He/she is expected to keep track of the properties of the farming routes while actively monitoring the farming logs, purchase logs and economic statistics to fairly balance the prices thereafter. The Pricing Manager is also responsible for updating the different configuration files (although adding/removing items in shops must be approved by The Retail Manager or senior management).
  • Civilian Manager

      Civilian Manager:

      Vacant, apply today?
      The Civilian Manager is the representant of all civilians on the server. This is a very unique role as the Civilian Manager is actually elected by all active civilians on the server at the beginning of every month (more info here). The Civilian Manager is expected to actively conversate with all players on the server to gather opinions and using these in the decisions (mainly regarding the civilian community) together with other members of management. The Civilian Manager is responsible for keeping a healthy link of conversation between the civilians and the management.
  • Forum Manager

      Forum Manager:

      The Forum Manager is responsible for maintaining the information on the website, making sure we have a selective set of forums. The Forum Manager is expected to actively monitor and moderate the forums (together with The Justice Team) and actively represent the management in discussions on the forums.
  • Event Manager

      Event Manager:

      The Event Manager is in charge of the event organizing team, he is responsible for making sure we have a regular set of fun and interesting events on the server and in the community. He is supposed to mentor event organizers, teaching them the technical skills they need but also assisting with practical things. The Event Manager is responsible for making sure the events are updated regularly to keep them interesting.
  • Development Manager

      Development Manager:

      Vacant, apply today?
      The development manager is responsible for the technical development, he is essentially our CTO (Chief Technology Officer). The Development manager is in charge of the graphical designers and development team who programs our servers (including web services) and all surrounding maintaining functions such as bots and maintenance programs.

The Justice Team:

  • Head admin

      Head admin:

      The Head Admin is in charge of The Justice Team and its members, he/she holds the overall responsibility of The Justice Team’s actions while serving as the supreme judge in errands or disputes that may occur. The Head Admin is responsible for the overall level of justice in the community, making sure rules are interpreted the correct way, informing everyone of common misunderstandings and filling any blind spots left in the rules. The Head Admin is appointed by and led by The Executive Manager.
      The Head Admin has the ability to:
      • Handle appeals of permanent admin jails or bans.
  • Admins


      Full-fetched admins. These are the most experienced staff members of The Justice System with a lot of previous experience. They have proved themselves worthy of the title “Admin”. Their main duty is to assist the Head Admin with leading The Justice Team by actively discussing with all members of The Justice System and serving as advisors to the Head Admin. Admins are expected to take charge of the unusual, complex or completely new type of errands that occur, all the while keeping an informed perception of the whole Justice Team and its members.
      Admins have the ability to:
      • Edit houses
      • Handle errands even though they are involved themselves.
      • Permanently ban players
      • Change username or birth date of players
      • Much, much more...
  • Moderators


      The moderators have proved to make great decisions in tricky situations, they are able to handle all of the daily errands. The moderator’s main task is to mentor the more junior members of The Justice Team and actively assist them while observing their abilities & regularly informing The Head Admin about their performances. A moderator or admin should always be involved in complex errands where the result is unclear. Moderators are expected to actively involve themselves in errands to observe, and assist when necessary.
      Moderators have the ability to:
      • Refund Money. (unlimited)
      • Refund Gear
      • Handle donations
  • Trial moderators

      Trial moderators:

      Another step towards the senior ranks, trial moderators have proven that they are able to make great decisions in tricky situations and are therefore entrusted with the ability to refund vehicles and money as compensation for mishaps such as bugs or rule infractions.
      Trial moderators have the ability to:
      • Compensate money up to $1 million per errand
      • Revive vehicles
      • Manage Admin Jail (Unlimited)
      • Analyzing chat logs
  • +1


      The support staff is the main resource helping players with general matters, they have almost all of the general “admin tools” at their disposal and can assist with a wide variety of issues. Their main task is assisting and spectating players who seek help in-game, on our VOIP servers or on the website.
      Supports have the ability to:
      • Manage admin jail (Longer than 15 minutes requires approval)
      • Analyzing player logs
      • Locking forum threads & deleting posts
  • Trial supports

      Trial supports:

      Vacant, apply today?
      This is the first role of a staff member, where everyone starts out. As a Trial Support you will have the chance to learn the traits of The Justice Team and plenty of chance to prove your own abilities to the more senior staff. Your main duties are to help players with basic problems in a service and look up basic information in the admin panel but also to take part in more complicated errands to learn and/or to show what you’re made of although your are not yet allowed to make game-affecting decisions.

Miscellaneous staff:

  • Event organizers

      Event organizers:

      The event organizers team regularly run fun & interactive events on the server, they are led and organized by the Event Manager. Event organizers are expected to use great imagination and developing new events as well as improving the existing events regularly. Contact an event organizer if you have a great idea for any event you’d like to see on the server, or better yet apply for the team yourself!
  • Developers


      The developers are the more experienced developers who have been with us for a while and proved able to independently develop great functions/software for Forbidden Lands!
  • Junior developers

      Junior developers:

      Vacant, apply today?
      These are our heroes! The players who are interested in coding for Forbidden Lands and have proved some basic knowledge are included here (This can include in-game scripting, web development or other type of development! Junior developers generally have a big interest in development but are still in the early learning stage, improving by the day!
  • Graphical Designers

      Graphical Designers:

      Our GFX designers are creating all the textures of Forbidden Lands, this includes but is not limited to in-game skins, billboards, images for the web and miscellaneous imagery. They generally have great knowledge in imaging software such as Photoshop.

Complete list of our staff: