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Open Beta Information



"Jobs fill your pocket, adventures fill your soul"


Due to a lot of work for a small group of people we now need your help to find all major bugs and exploits. Therefore we have decided to launch our server on the 2nd of June in an open beta stage. When you first join the server we suggest that you register an account to our website under the app “register” in the y-menu. Since we are in an open beta stage we want you to report both major and small bugs and exploits. You do this in the y-menu under the app “apply” and then change the department to “Report a bug”. During the open beta stage you will have access to all features and we will not have a major wipe after the open beta stage.


We also want you to report any text written in swedish, to report this you follow the same procedure mentioned above.

The easiest way to join the server is through the server browser in-game: Click on direct connect and enter arma.forbidden-lands.com for address and 2302 for port!


Changed from Altis Life Framework to Altis Life Framework 5.0

Optimazations for better FPS

Completely new map, most buildings has been moved to the new map.

Optimized the new map, went from 4896kb to (right now) 2600kb.

New Kavala HQ

Changed Infostands and logo picture.

New Air HQ

Added new Kavala Square

Added new Pyrgos Brigde

New Spawn Menu GUI

Moved Admin Jail (Zoo) to Kavala.

New container script.

All Rob Shops is now marked Green on the map.


We have decided to do a complete wipe of our database, with the exception of xp. This means a fresh start for all of our players both new and old.

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