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Rules of Forbidden Lands

General Rules
  • General rules are coming soon, check out the other tabs for now!
1. Gun fights
    Random Death Matching (short for RDM) refers to when a player kills another player in a manner contrary to the rules.
  • §1.1 To kill a player without a set ultimatum (eg "Stop the car or I'll shoot") or the exact phrase "Put your hands up" is counted as RDM. The player who is charged with an ultimatum must also be given a reasonable amount of time to do what is being asked.
  • §1.2 If a firefight has not occured for 10 minutes, then the battle has come to an end and all shots fired after it without re-setting any ultimatum will be classified as RDM or attempts to RDM. In order for a shoot to extend the battle, they must refresh the "Last Shoot" period, which is done if they are directed against the opposing party. During the robbery of the federal reserve this rule applies for 30 minutes instead of 10 minutes.
  • §1.3 If a player is at least 5 km from the nearest opposing party in an active battle, this player is not considered to be involved in the battle. If the last surviving player in an active battle is 5 km away from the battle, an SMS must be sent to the other party with the player's position and why the battle is over, eg. "I'm 5km away, the battle is over". This rule does not apply to the robing of the federal reserve
  • §1.4 Firefights is always a deal between two parties, no other gang or party may join the battle or influence the conflict in any way (eg Providing information about the conflicting parties positions or deliberately distracting a conflicting party). Exceptions apply to the police see the rule sections for the faction.
  • §1.5 If a player is restrained, it does not mean that a battle has begun and the firefight may not happen without an ultimatum being set.
  • §1.6 Animal suits may not be used in ongoing fire fighting or in the planning / preparation of a firefight. If you or your gang still end up in a fire fight, you must take off your suit immediately.
  • §1.7 If you are killed in crossfire by accident, RDM does not apply, nor is your gang allowed to participate in the battle.
  • §1.8 If you are caught in crossfire by accident, you do not have the right to return fire.
  • §1.9 You are not allowed to open fire on another party when in combat without using a ultimatum.
  • §1.10 If you open fire on one or more players in a gang that started a fire fight/ultimatum against someone in your gang, RDM does not apply
  • §1.11 If the police shoot you or someone in your gang with a tazer / restrain you, this is NOT an engage. Only when the person who was tazed / restrained is put in a vehicle, moved with the intention of a police station or gets rid of his communication, the rest of the gang has the right to open fire. The policeman shall notify when the detention is becomes a arrest.
  • §1.12 Hospitals may not be used in ongoing fire fighting or in planning / preparation for a fire fight. If you or your gang still end up in a fire fight when still in the hospital you have to vacate the area.
  • §1.13 Red-Marked Areas give anyone the right to shoot in and out of the area of any person in sight, except for the Medics
  • §1.14 If a third party player attempts to pick up equipment from a dead player, the dead player's gang members and the player who killed the player have the right to shoot the person picking up the equipment. However, the party trying to pick up equipment is not allowed to open fire even if their gang member picking up equipment is killed. The conflicting parties are not entitled to open fire to third-party players who do not pick up equipment.
  • §1.15 If a player logs out of the server in an ongoing battle and the player's gang/ faction had reached the maximum number of players in the fight, no new player are allowed to log in to replace the player in the fight.
  • §1.16 You may not set an ultimatum or threat that may commence an fight when you are in a vehicle, you must have a drawn weapon to set an ultimatum or threat that may lead to a fight (Exceptions apply for deicing , see Section 11 : Cellphone).
  • §1.17 To kill a player who is knocked out on the ground unless the player has been run over by a teammate / jumping out of a moving vehicle is classified as RDM.
  • §1.18 The knock function may only be used in a roleplay purpose, ie. You may not use the function in ongoing robbery / fight or in preparation for a robbery / fire (according to Rule 1.1).
2. Cheating
    All the rules below are bannable and will lead to immediate ban:
  • §2.1 Cheating, exploitation of bugs, auto clickers and hacking is strictly prohibited. Even those that are not considered harmful, as well as graphic enhancement tools.
  • §2.2 Turning off the game during a fire fight, police intervention or police chase are prohibited. Logging out after you died (while waiting to respawn) is also forbidden.
  • §2.3 To log out and in to appear at another location during active fire fight is forbidden.
  • §2.4 If you detect a cheat or serious bug you are required to report an admin. For example, if you get a large amount of money from someone, it's probably a cheater and you should inform an admin. Otherwise, you may also be banned.
  • §2.5 The use of graphics bugs for example. seeing through doors or through any kind of object is considered cheating and will result in a ban.
  • §2.6 We have money logs that register all transactions. These are checked on a regular basis and if we see money fraud or its like, will result in a ban.
  • §2.7 To somehow use bugs to duplicate weapons, money or clothing is considered cheating.
  • §2.8 It is absolutely forbidden to use the bug to shoot while playing the animation when you are imprisoned or pulled out of a car.
  • §2.9 Jumping through a window is only allowed when it is completely open without a mullion and the glass broken
3. Safe zones
    ALL Safe Zones are marked with a green circle on the map! Even Neochori is a Safe Zone, more about this you can read under the rule section of Neochori.
  • §3.1 You may not in any way injure, kill, threaten or rob another player in this area. Exception applies if there was already an active fight before you entered the area, except for Kavala Safe Zone.
  • §3.2 Explosions are not allowed (eg by shooting a car until it explodes).
  • §3.3 The areas of the police (blue circles on the map) are no Safe Zones. The police have the right to shoot people who are within or crossing these areas, provided that the player does not notify the police and get it approved before.
  • §3.4 Stealing cars and breaking into houses is permitted in all protection zones except Kavala.
  • §3.4 Stealing cars and breaking into houses is permitted in all protection zones except Kavala.
  • §3.6 You may not loot (pick up equipment or weapons) from dead bodies in the Kavala safe zone.
4. New Life Rule ("NLR")
    NLR applies to the police and civilians, but not the medics. Things on this list may result in bans or admin prisons! Based on a admins assessment. After death, the memories that led to your death are forgotten and you have no memory of who killed you or what caused your death. This means that you can not avenge your death, but long-lasting enemies can still be remembered. Applicable to all players. You can not go back to the place of your death for 15 minutes and not back to the same fight.
  • §4.1 One Life Rule applies on this server. This means that you will not be allowed to return to or affect a fight that you already died in. If a player loses his connection to the server and reconnects, the player is counted as dead in the current battle. One life rule also applies to the island with the mercenaries. The rule does not apply for the bandit district, you can always return there after NLR circle has expired. Exceptions apply also to the federal reserve, see rule. §5.14.
  • §4.2 The NLR zone is 1.5 km radius around your place of death, it is not allowed to return to this zone before 15 minutes have elapsed since you died. If you do return a automatic script will put you in admin jail.
  • §4.3 If you die during a role play, your past crimes are forgotten, but you can not seek revenge.
  • §4.4 If you naturally log out and re-enter the server, NLR does not apply
  • §4.5 If you intentionally kill yourself to avoid a role play, NLR does not apply.
  • §4.6 If you are revived by a Medic, NLR does not apply.
5. Federal Reserve
    These rules will be judged from case to case and can result in different types of punishment.
  • §5.1 There must be at least 7 police officers currently online on the server to rob the federal reserve.
  • §5.2 During a federal reserve heist neither party have to engage but can open fire provided that the target is within the federal reserve area.
  • §5.3 It is forbidden to initiate a federal reserve heist if it is less than 45 minutes left until the server restarts.
  • §5.4 If the robbers want to negotiate at the federal reserve heist, this must be announced before breaking the doors and before any of the parties have commenced a fight. Nor should you begin to break the doors until after the negotiation is complete and when both the negotiating parties are safe.
  • §5.5 Neither the police nor the robbers may under any circumstances start a fight during a negotiation. You may deny a negotiation, but no fire fighting may be initiated until both negotiating parties have been put to safety first.
  • §5.6 If the robbers have another player as hostage, they must notify the police of this and may present the hostage within sight of the police within 1 minute. If that happen then the police must not deny a negotiation.
  • §5.7 Negotiation must be done face to face. It is not allowed to try to negotiate via SMS.
  • §5.8 If the police have secured the federal reserve area and are alone there, the robbers have 5 minutes to go to the federal reserve area to continue the robbery or the fight will end (this is to prevent any snipers from shooting endlessly).
  • §5.9 During the federal reserve heist the "Two Life Rule" (a life in the federal reserve and a life during the escape from the federal reserve) applies. During the second life, the player must not be within 1500 meters of the federal reserve, provided that the player has used his first life, this applies to both the police and the robbers.
  • §5.10 You are only allowed to use one Tempest truck for the duration of the federal reserve heist including during the escape
  • §5.11 The police and robbers have the right to block 2 of the 3 entrances with Tempest or Hemtt trucks. The entrance that is not blocked by a truck can be blocked with a spikestrip, a regular car or similar.
  • §5.12 Bank robbery is a deal between the police and robbers. No other party may commence a fight or engage the police or robbers before the bank robbery has ended. Exceptions apply to those players from the police or robbers who do not participate in the robbery in any way or are on their way to the bank / escape.
  • §5.13 It is not allowed to use the Bank as a bait - eg. to sit and camp at the bank without starting the heist and waiting for someone to come.
  • §5.14 The police have the right to seize one vehicle in connection with the federal reserve heist.
6. Helicopter & Airplanes
    These rules will be judged from case to case and can result in different types of punishment.
  • §6.1 It is forbidden to knowingly fly a helicopter or an airplane into buildings, vehicles or other aircrafts.
  • §6.2 Standing near an aircraft or a helicopter in an attempt to jump in and steal the vehicle when someone is jumping out is forbidden. You must give the person a reasonable chance of locking, but if the person forgets to lock, you are free to steal the vehicle.
  • §6.3 It is strictly forbidden to fly over Kavala. Exceptions apply to the medics who will land at the hospital and the police to land at the police station. To get to the garage as a civilian, you must first contact the police to get permission.
  • §6.4 Starting an aircraft must be done in the direction of the arrows. See the map to know the start and landing positions.
  • §6.5 Aircraft that is on the runway must move if they see an incoming plan. Always look before you takeoff so there is no incoming plane on the way.
  • §6.6 You must not block any of the runways at the airport.
7. Vehicles
    These rules will be judged from case to case and can result in different types of punishment.
  • §7.1 It is forbidden to ram other cars, buildings or players. However, it is allowed to ram other vehicles during an ongoing fight. However, not allowed to frame a vehicle to kill.
  • §7.2 ramming does not mean that a fight has started. When the police have turned on the sirens in a car chase, both the police and the party that is being chased can ram each other.
  • §7.3 A stolen vehicle may not be deliberately destroyed but can be sold.
  • §7.4 Standing close to a car or other vehicle to try to jump in and steal it when someone is jumping out is forbidden. You must give the person a reasonable chance of locking.
  • §7.5 It is not permitted to sell or steal a vehicle at the scrapyard during a active fight with the owner of the vehicle or the owner's gang / faction.
  • §7.6 You may not steal a medic vehicle.
  • §7.7 The police have the right to seize rebel vehicles on the condition that their emblem is painted on the vehicle.
  • §7.8 The police have the right to seize police cars that are not owned by the state.
  • §7.9 If two parties collide, it is forbidden for each party to engage and start a fight, robbery or the like.
  • §7.10 If you see someone trying to steal / seize your vehicle, you have the right to defend it. However, if your vehicle has been stolen and you see someone later with it, you must engage / set a ultimatum to the player before you can open fire.
  • §7.11 A player may under no circumstances use his key to track his vehicle.
  • §7.12 To be able to shoot at another player's vehicle, you must be in a fight with the player or you can shoot the wheels of the vehicle if you have successfully lock picked it before
8. Gang/Civilian
    These rules will be judged from case to case and can result in different types of punishment.
  • §8.1 You should play with common sense, care about your own and others lives and perform a good roleplay on the server.
  • §8.2 A gang has to wear the same tag, eg. [ABC] -Name. The tag has to be surrounded by the brackets [] or () and must be placed before your name. Being in the same gang is not enough to be able to cooperate.
  • §8.3 In order for players to cooperate in the same firefights, robberies etc, everyone needs to share the same gang tag in the their in-game name. However, players are allowed to defend themselves, but only if you have all been threatened, for example, if you sit in the same vehicle or stand right next to each other when you are robbed or engaged.
  • §8.4 A gang will be judged for their actions as a group, if the gang leader starts a war, it applies to all players in the gang.
  • §8.5 If you want to start a war, you must contact the other gangs gang leader and decide the rules before the war. The rules and the request will then be applied on the forum - http://www.forbidden-lands.com. Before the war begins, an admin must have approved the war in the forum. Thereafter KOS (Kill On Sight) applies to members of the gang you are in war with, under the circumstances that the rules of the war and the server rules are being followed.
  • §8.7 Once a gang hideout has been taken over, a red zone of 150 meters radius is created on the map, KOS (Kill On Sight) applies in and out of the zone. The zone disappears at server restart and KOS applies only when the red circle is marked on the map.
  • §8.8 a gang can only have 7 players with the same gang tag connected to the server at the same time. A player who is only connected to the lobby is still included in this maximum amount.
  • §8.9 The gang leader has the greater responsibility for his gang, repetitive breaking of the rules from members in the same gang can lead to the gang leader being punished.
  • §8.10 You may not under any circumstances hold an area with a spawning point (ex gangowned village/police station) without sending a SMS to the owner of the area. More about this under the section “Cellphone”.
  • §8.11 Logging out or leaving to the lobby after taking over an area is not allowed. To leave the server or go to the lobby after taking over an area, you must wait 10 minutes (assuming a fire has not started) or go 5 km away from the location.
9. Robberies
    These rules will be judged from case to case and can result in different types of punishment.
  • §9.1 Robbing players via SMS counts as RDM, see the exceptions under the chapter “Cellphone”.
  • §9.2 When you are about to rob a player, you have to engage the victim with a threat, if the victim doesn’t obey the engage, lethal actions is allowed (eg. “put your hands up or i’ll open fire”).
  • §9.3 To take another players communication you have to scroll on the player and choose “Take communication”, this can for example be done when the player has his hands on his head. Saying that the communication is taken is not enough. The player that doesn’t have their communication are not allowed to communicate (eg. via teamspeak/steam) with his gangmembers before the player has built a new communication. While in prison, players are allowed to communicate with his gangmembers, as long as there is not an active prison break.
  • §9.4 If you plan to rob passing vehicles, you have to use a roadblock/spikestrip or shout after the vehicle. A firefight can only be initiated after an engage that the counterpart does not obey. Keep in mind that the vehicle has to have enough time to stop before you can open fire. If the vehicle travels in high speed, you can not be sure that the player who is driving hear when someone is shouting after him. The player who is shouting is always responsible that the driver can hear the engage.
  • §9.5 You have to speak in the Direct Communication channel while engaging. The SMS-function is not allowed to use to engage, threaten other players etc, see the other exceptions under the chapter “Cellphone”.
  • §9.6 It is not allowed to force a player to take out money from an ATM or to buy something from a store just to give it away directly to another player.
  • §9.7 The driver of the ice cream truck and his gang are not allowed to use the ice cream truck to rob other players. The gang cannot help other robberies that are close to the ice cream truck.
10. Kidnapping/Hostage Negotiation
    These rules will be judged from case to case and can result in different types of punishment.
  • §10.1 If you are being held as a hostage, you are not allowed to escape unless you have a chance to escape successfully with your life in retention. You should have a good chance to escape, otherwise it could be classified as bad roleplaying and therefore you can get punished.
  • §10.2 At a negotiation, reasonable requirements should be set. Keep in mind that the player you are demanding money from pays from it’s own pocket (even the police).
  • §10.3 No voluntary kidnapping is allowed (eg. ask a friend to be your hostage to get money from the police etc.).
  • §10.4 While being kidnapped, you have to listen to your kidnapper as long as you are under threat and there is a danger for your life.
  • §10.5 If the kidnappers want to negotiate about a hostage, the police have to accept a negotiation as long as the kidnappers can show the hostange within 1 minute.
  • §10.6 While negotiating, no weapons can be used until the negotiation is over and both parties is in safety (at least 1 km away in different directions of the negotiation location), holster or put away all weapons before the negotiation begins.
  • §10.7 Negotiations must take place face to face. Therefore, it’s not allowed to negotiate via SMS.
  • §10.8 No kidnapping is allowed of there is less than 45 minutes left until the server restarts.
11. Cellphone
    These rules will be judged from case to case and can result in different types of punishment.
  • §11.1 The SMS-function are not allowed to be used to start a firefight, make a threat etc. However, it can be used to reject helicopters/airplanes. At a rejection, the players rejecting the aircraft have to be standing on the ground and give the aircraft at least 15 seconds to move out of the way before they can open fire. A firefight can only be started if the SMS contains an engage (eg. “Get out of this area or we will open fire!”)
  • §11.2 You have the right to start a firefight using the SMS-function if you have taken over an area (An area means a gang-owned village, a police station, a rebel-checkpoint, the bank etc.). Shots are only allowed to fire if an engage is contained in the SMS to the areas owners (eg. “We have taken over Kavala police station, if we spot any policemen in this area we will open fire!”).
12. General Questions
    This channel exists for general chatting and questions, especially for new players. In this channel, good attitude must be held and if you want to complain about another player you will have to do this in the SMS-function. Harassing comments will be punished hard, repeating violations of these rules will lead to a permanent mute from this channel.
  • §12.1 No roleplaying is allowed in this channel (eg. “I’m being robbed at the Diamond Trader” etc.)
  • §12.2 No unnecessary messages is allowed in General Questions (eg. “Uh, you killed me, you will get banned)”. These kind of situations shall be taken on Teamspeak with the affected persons. If that doesn’t work out it should be taken with a staff member on Teamspeak by joining one of the waiting rooms.
  • §12.3 You are never allowed to speak in General Questions or in the lobby under any circumstances.
  • §12.4 No harassing or racist comments are allowed in General Questions.
13. General behavior
    These rules will be judged from case to case and can result in different types of punishment.
  • §13.1 Racism, harassments and personal attacks etc. is not allowed and could lead to a ban. However, it can be used to some extent in a roleplay scenario.
14. Combat logging
    You are not allowed to leave the server, exit to the lobby or join an event (police are always allowed to enter the Neochori-fight) during the time:
  • §14.1 You are in a firefight
  • §14.2 You have been arrested by the police
  • §14.3 You’re a hostage
  • §14.4 You’re being robbed
  • §14.5 Someone is robbing your house
  • §14.6 During the respawn time (before you have pressed Respawn, or while you are being revived by a medic).
15. House & Garage
    These rules will be judged from case to case and can result in different types of punishment.
  • §15.1 It is not allowed to use any game bugs to enter a house. Nor is it allowed to use game bugs to block your house. You can read more about this in chapter 1.
  • §15.2 It is strictly forbidden to lock your house when a hostage or another player is located in your house.
  • §15.3 If you are breaking into another players house, the player and his gang have to open fire against your gang/fraction without a warning. Before a firefight is started, the defending part has to be sure about who are responsible for the break-in. The players breaking into a house have to engage before they can start a firefight.
  • §15.4 You are not allowed to own a house in a gang-owned village if you are not a member of that gang. This means that you have to sell your house in a gang-owned village if you leave or get kicked from the gang/fraction.
16. Gang-owned Villages
    A village that is owned by a gang is marked with a red text on the map containing the name of the gang. The village is bought through an auction that is being held irregularly. (To find out when the next auction is being held, keep a look at the forum).
  • §16.1 The gang-owned villages is not a safezone for anyone. If a player enters inside the walls to a village without permission, the gang members that owns the village have the right to shoot the violating part without an engage.
  • §16.2 A village can have one or more owners, all of the owners have to be written down in a proof of ownership-document that should is linked in the Civilian meeting room on Teamspeak. To transfer a village to another gang (or sell it), a group that owns at least 51% of the village together have to be united about the decision. After selling, the sum of money have to be splitted between the owners depending on how much they own the village (%), if you for example owns 30% of a village you get 30% of the money after the village was sold.
  • §16.3 If a player is approaching a gang-owned village in peace and just want to talk, the gang owning the village do not have the rights to open fire. If the visitors do not obey the gangs request to leave the area, then the gang have the right to open fire after an engage.
  • §16.4 You are not allowed to use the keybindings to open the gate during an active fight. If you have to open the gate during an active fight you have to exit your vehicle and open the gate as usual.
  • §16.5 The gang owning a village, cannot spawn in the village if it is under attack.
  • §16.6 A gang-owned village can be taken over when a part has entered the village and sent a message about the situation to the owning gang (Eg. “Hey, we have taken over your village, if we see anyone of you we will open fire.”). See more under the chapter “Cellphone”.
17. The Island with Mercenaries
    These rules will be judged from case to case and can result in different types of punishment.
  • §17.1 Kill on sight without an engage applies on the island with mercenaries, anyone can open fire on anyone regardless it is a fraction member or a civilian.
  • §17.2 It is allowed to shoot in or out of the redzone.
  • §17.3 It is allowed for civilians to cooperate with other civilians to overcome the mercenaries. However, fractions are not allowed to cooperate with civilians or other fractions. Think through clearly who you are cooperating with, after you’ve overcome the mercenaries everyone have the rights to attack one another.
18. Neochori
    These rules will be judged from case to case and can result in different types of punishment.
  • §18.1 The Neochori-zone (which is yellow or green) is a safezone. Exception for this safezone applies in these circumstances: If the area is controlled by a civilian gang, if it is civilian controlled KOS applies on all police that are inside the walls of the city. If the area is controlled by the police normal rules apply
19. Rules for and against Medics
    These rules will be judged from case to case and can result in different types of punishment.
  • §19.1 Players are not allowed to rob, shoot or engage medics, whatever happens.
  • §19.2 Players are not allowed to steal medic vehicles.
  • §19.3 Medics are never allowed to revive other players during a firefight. Medics that are approaching a big firefight have to look after people that still can fight before they are allowed to revive.
  • §19.4 After a firefight, the winners of the fight decide which players that are getting revived by a medic and which players that are left to die.
  • §19.5 Medics are not allowed to favor or prioritize players before others because they know the player etc.
  • §19.6 Medics are not allowed to sell or give away their gear to other players (except medicine).
  • §19.7 Medics are not affected by NLR.
  • §19.8 Medics are allowed to help players that are in prison, but they are not allowed to help them escape.
  • §19.9 Medics are only allowed to impound vehicles that are abandoned/destroyed. They are never allowed to impound vehicles in Kavala or other highly populated areas.
  • §19.10 Medics are never allowed to revive players in a red zone on the map, under any circumstances.
  • §19.11 Medics are not allowed to confiscate a dead players gear except when the dead player is bugged.
  • §19.12 Medics are not allowed to steal from dead bodies.
  • §19.13 You can only deny a medic to revive another player if you or your gang have killed the player.
20. Rules for and against Policemen
    These rules will be judged from case to case and can result in different types of punishment.
  • §20.1 If the police is witnessing a murder, the police have the rights to open fire without an engage.
  • §20.2 Players that are harassing the police under a longer time could be seen as trolling.
  • §20.3 Policemen have the right to open fire against players that are wearing their unique clothes or driving their unique vehicles. This also applies if the player takes off the clothes or get out of the vehicle.
  • §20.4 Neither the police’s sirens or warning lights give players to open fire. This means that you have to engage the police before you can open fire.
  • §20.5 Fractionbaiting is forbidden on our server. If a staff member is experiencing that this rule is being violated, the violators will recieve a baitingwarning. If this is repeated after a warning, other punishment will be applied. (If a gang has a baitingwarning and a player from that gang switches gang during this time, the baitingwarning will affect the new gang as well. The same thing applies if the gang changes their in-game tag to avoid the baitingwarning.)
  • §20.6 The police are not allowed to spawn in a police station that is under attack.
  • §20.7 The police are allowed to use 1 Hunter under the circumstances that there is at least 4 gang/fractionmembers online on the server. The police are allowed to use a 2nd Hunter if someone is robbing the bank or takes over one of the police’s areas. If a Hunter is stolen the police have to take it back. It can therefore only exist 1 Hunter on the whole map at the same time, except at a bank robbery or if someone takes over one of the police’s areas, then there are allowed to exist 2 at the same time. If a Hunter is being chopchoped or blown up, the police are allowed to use a new one.
  • §20.8 A policemen is only allowed to use the orange function to get into vehicles if the vehicle belongs to the police.
  • §20.9 The police have the right to seize vehicles with the rebel logotype and civilians Hunters. They are also allowed to seize gocarts when it’s used for a trolling cause.
  • §20.10 Policemen are never allowed to impound or seize vehicles while a firefight is active. The only exception is when the bank is being robbed. In those cases, the police have the right to impound their own vehicles to quickly transport themselves to the bank.
  • §20.11 Policemen are not allowed to confiscate a players gear during an active firefight. However, it is allowed to loot gear from the dead player.
  • §20.12 It is forbidden to walk away from the computer while you are sitting in a checkpoint or guarding prison, you have to be reachable on Teamspeak and in-game.
Teamspeak 3
    This is our Teamspeak 3 rules. Follow them or it can result in a ban or cooldown.
    Standard rules:
  • 1:1 Show respect to all players.
  • 1:2 No bad behavior.
  • 1:3 Don’t be offensive to other people. Ex Racism, nazism.
  • 1:5 Age doesn’t matter so don’t hate on someone’s age or voice, they can’t decide when they will get in puberty.
  • 1:6 You are as equal as everyone else in the Teamspeak.
  • 1:7 Have a proper name in the teamspeak. Allowed Ex. Tony, Stevens Not Allowed Ex. Ass, poop etc.
  • 1:8 You are not to advertise other arma 3 servers.
  • Sound rules:
  • 2:1 No earrapes.
  • 2:2 No soundboard’s allowed unless it’s fine by everyone else in the room.
  • 2:3 No spampoke. (If it happens take screenshot and tell one in the Justice Team.)
  • 2:4 Don’t record conversations if it’s not OK for the ones you’re talking too.
  • Room rules:
  • 3:1 Don’t have any offensive gang names or room names!
  • 3:2 Don’t use any offensive images in the room.
  • 3:3 Don’t send any offensive videos, screenshots or links.
Forum Rules
    Forbidden Lands have the right to update these rules at any certain time without notice. When posting you agree that the administrators and the moderators of this forum have the right to modify, delete, edit or close any topic, signature, account, or profile data at any time that they see fit. If you have any questions concerning this, do not start a new thread, but rather contact our forum manager.
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