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  1. Kannel

    Patch notes 3/2

    Update 20:00: [KKP] won the auction of Alikampos and now owns the village! Fixed all signs (garages, shops etc) in Alikampos
  2. Kannel

    Civ manager election!

    There's only 4 days left to sign up for the Civilian Manager election, you can sign up now! As the civilian manager you will be a part of the management and represent the civilian part of the community, be responsible for their decision making etc! The election will begin at 1st of february in...
  3. Kannel

    Town auction 3/2 19:00

    Hello! Auction: It's time for the fourth town to be auctioned to the civilian population. The auction will be held by JonnyB at the 3/2-19 (on sunday) at 19:00! We will have some rules at the auction for everyone's convenience: The rules are as follows: In order to make a offer in auction...
  4. Kannel

    Patch notes 23/1

    Update 00:00: The new police uniforms have been delivered to all police stations! The time has come for cops to become respected cops again rather than farming targets, they have therefore been granted heavy vests that can't be looted by civilians. Bug fix with the chop shop
  5. Kannel

    Patch notes 22/1

    Update 20:00: In order to make farming more lucrative we have created a daily "quest" which rewards you after your first round of marijuana each day. The reward varies largely, it can be anything from a Lynx (50 cal sniper rifle) to Mk14 to RGO grenades, mk20 and much more, each with varying...
  6. Kannel

    Patch notes 19/1

    Update 20:00: Redgulls now remove weapon sway for the full duration of the redgull! The Neochori event is now nearly finished, we will be running a few test games on the server before the actual Neochori battles start!
  7. Kannel

    Patch notes 18/1

    Update 00:00: Fixed HTTPS on the website. Everyone is now forced to use HTTPS encryption rather than the previous mix of HTTP and HTTPS. This solves the problem some users have had with logging into the website. NLR is disabled in future Purge events Replaced all signs with the old signs...
  8. Kannel

    Patch notes 14/1 (2)

    Update 17:45: Korre has changed some prices: CMR är nu sänkt till 800K i Donator AKM är nu sänkt till 700K Rahim är nu sänkt till 1,1 Mille Qulin är nu sänkt till 500K Prowler går nu att sno
  9. Kannel

    Patch notes 14/1

    Update 04:00: Fixed the bug with leaving gangs! You can now leave gangs, get kicked from gangs etc without any issues. The bandit district now moves around every restart again. There are 3 different bandit districts, 1 of them is picked at random every restart. Cops now receive a notification...
  10. Kannel

    Patch notes 13/1

    Update 04:00: Refuel bug fixed Fixed the prison, you can now break into the prison again. Fixed the donator shop in Neochori. All civilians can now access the black market shops and donator shops in Neochori as well as the garages in the checkpoint! All civilians can now SPAWN in Neochori, the...
  11. Kannel

    Hur man inte ska flyga

    Man hittar så mycket intressanta videos på youtube ibland, letade efter mitt eget flygmontage o hittade det här :P Saknar den polisstationen!
  12. Kannel

    Patch notes 11/1 (2)

    Update 20:00: The "steal vehicle" function is back and updated! Stealing a vehicle will replace the locks (everybody will lose their key to the vehicle except you), it will be re-registered to you and your garage which will cost you a re-registration fee which depends on the vehicle and...
  13. Kannel

    Patch notes 11/1

    Update 08:00: Gear no longer dupes when you are revived by a medic. (Ty Korre for being a good lab rat). Now you can buy houses in the previous rebel area, to the north east of the map. (Since the last patch note) Gear now logs directly in the "killed" log as well as other logs, making future...
  14. Kannel

    Patch notes 6/1

    Update 20:00: New anti-duping logs. Fixed the bandage animation (From other player's perspectives) You now need a license to process the various drugs (and you need the "Christer pettersson" perk to buy the license). Added 23 new colors/skins for the Van. Rebreather is back in the donator shop...
  15. Kannel

    Patch notes 5/1

    Update 16:00: Vehicles with less than 5% fuel in the garage now spawn with 5% fuel. We have lately noticed how you don't actually need trucks in order to earn large amounts of money at the federal reserve anymore due to the increased size in backpacks. We have therefore increased the weight of...
  16. Kannel

    Patch notes 4/1

    Update 00:00: The voice chat of the "General questions" chat is disabled. (Since the last patch note). The "Take communication" function now works again. Civilian's zipties now work properly again. The restart warnings are now back Medics can now revive people whether they have requested or...
  17. Kannel

    Patch notes 1/1

    Update 20:00: Vi spelar alla på en svensk server och det mesta är på svenska. Men för att det ska GÅ att spela på servern för t.ex norskar och danskar så skriver vi de viktigaste sakerna på engelska, bl.a patch notes och regler. Med det sagt så får man ju självklart välja själv om man vill...
  18. Kannel

    Uppstartningsmötet: Är det något du vill ta upp?

    Nu är det bara 2 dagar till uppstartningsmötet som vi har på onsdag kl 20:00 och jag har börjat jobba på dagordningen för mötet. Är det något du vill ta upp på mötet / Något du vill att vi tar upp? Skriv det här i tråden eller i PM (Conversation) till mig!