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Glux and Sgt.Snorkel takes the lead!


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Hello again!

Everyone's favorite person is here, Kannel!! Yeeeey!

I have some big news to announce, as you probably guessed from the thread title. As you all know I've been working hard with this community during these past 3-4 years, but sadly I don't have as much time to spend on it as I used to which means I will have to give up some responsibilities.

So I thought it's time to wake this community alive again, and I know the perfect person to do it!

Most people know Glux by now, he has been with us from the start and has been one of our most active players & staff members ever since. About a year ago Glux grew a large interest in scripting stuff in Arma and has been by my side as we developed several big features for the community in the past, he has learned a lot during this time and it is time for him to take over my role as Development Manager.

Glux knows how we are used to running things at Forbidden Lands as he has been close with the management team for a long time, he has collected a lot of experience. All this experience combined with his enthusiasm for Arma makes him an obvious choice for the most important role we have, the General Manager (previously called "Påve"). Glux is thereby the 3rd ever General Manager at Forbidden Lands, preceeded by Bryan Mills and Manson.
This means that Glux is taking responsibility for the overall decision making around the community.

Does this mean that I will disappear from the community? NO! As I mentioned before I don't have much time to spend here anymore but I still enjoy playing Arma and developing features every once in a while, I will still remain as the Executive Manager and to support Glux when needed. However I will leave the responsibility of deciding everything on the server (including what's in the shops, what civilians/factions have access to what features etc etc) with Glux, so all discussions and ideas should be brought up with him or any of his management staff!

So all in all, Glux and Sgt.Snorkel will be running the show from here on out, although Glux is mainly responsible for the decisions about changes to the Arma gameplay and Sgt.Snorkel as the Head Admin is mainly responsible for the Justice team staff and all the rule-enforcing work.

EDIT: More info about their roles can of course be read on the Staff page.

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