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Patch notes 1/1


Executive Manager
Executive Mngr.
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Update 20:00:

Vi spelar alla på en svensk server och det mesta är på svenska. Men för att det ska GÅ att spela på servern för t.ex norskar och danskar så skriver vi de viktigaste sakerna på engelska, bl.a patch notes och regler.

Med det sagt så får man ju självklart välja själv om man vill kommentera på svenska eller engelska :)

  • Gear loadouts are back and greatly upgraded! You can now see the contents of your loadout before you buy it, if you are already wearing part of the loadout that part will be greyed out and its price removed from the total.
  • Medics and cops are now in the same "General Questions" chat as civilians again.
  • ALL vehicle fuel consumption is decreased by 30%. (And can be decreased even further with a perk that decreases fuel consumption).
  • Refuelling from fuel trucks now requires you to have a key to the truck, alternatively you can refuel if the truck is unlocked.
  • Vehicle perk turbo no longer works if the engine is turned off.
  • NVGoggles, Toolkits, First aid kits etc is back in the Donator's weapon shop.
  • Fixed: The trunk of rental vehicles work properly again.
  • MK-18 has been added to the rebel (bandit) shop!
  • All blue lights are back for vehicles again (both for medics and cops).
  • The annoying purchase sound is removed from the weapon shops as it can get a bit spammy.
  • Fixed cops bar gates in Kavala
  • The PINK HELICOPTER is now back in the donator shop, with the "Rosa helicopter" song ready to play ofc! :)
  • The "disband gang" function now work properly again.
  • Fixed helicopter garage in Kavala
  • We have made the player limit required to capture Bandit district easier to change (it doesn't require a new mission file anymore). The current number of players required is now shown on the bandit district's map marker. The limit is 20 players atm.
  • The police's salvage boxes in Kavala and Air HQ have been fixed.
  • The police's shops in Athira have been fixed.