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Patch notes 3/6


Executive Manager
Executive Mngr.
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Update at 16:00:

So it's time for our first patch note since the Open Beta release with the new 5.0 framework, which is obviously filled with a lot of bug fixes :). Thank you all for the bug reports, keep reporting any bugs or inconsistencies we missed via the "Bug report" function which you can find under applications in the smartphone so we can keep working on improving the server, together!

In addition to all of these bug fixes we have started working on the new fight of Neochori, which will occur every week, it will be a free-for-all fight between all gangs, the police and the medics. There will be a maximum of 5 players from each gang/faction working together in a team. If a civilian gang wins the fight, Neochori will be "rebel controlled" for the coming week, there will then be a rebel outpost and a black market in Neochori, 10% of the profits from these shops will go to the gang which controls Neochori. However if the medics or cops win the fight, Neochori will be state controlled for the coming week. There will be a police station there and a normal market instead of the black market, we also want to give the cops and medics some kind of economical reward, please comment if you have any ideas for how we could implement that :)

So, this is what we've done during the last 24 hours:
  • You are now able to loot dead bodies again.
  • Civilians with a rebel license are now able to use the gate opener on bar gates in Neochori while it's rebel controlled
  • Rebel licenses are lost when the cops put you in jail and the cop is rewarded $300k extra for the licens
  • Donator shops are now functioning again
  • Some bugged skins are now fixed
  • Send text messages is now fixed
  • Cops don't automaticly confiscate illegal items when picked up from the ground anymore
  • Cops can now spawn at Air HQ (But Kavala is still their main station)
  • The rebel shops in Neochori are now fixed for everyone with a rebel license (You can buy a license at the bandit area once you've captured it)!
  • Added ATM deposit all button
  • Moved Rebel outpost
  • Translated the audio recordings in admin jail
  • Translated a lot in the smart phone
  • Fixed some signs and other minor things on the map
  • Fixed player tags
  • Fixed staff check info, grant money and remove money
  • Fixed give money bug
  • Fixed some medic stuff
  • Fixed Marijuana Field
  • Fixed Air HQ Shops
  • Fixed some gang functions (gang withdraw, officer functions etc)
  • The cop's salvage crates are now fixed