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Patch notes 30/12


Executive Manager
Executive Mngr.
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Update 04:00:
  • The chop shop has been fixed and is now working properly again. However the "steal vehicle" function is disabled for now, we might re-implement this again later. You can chop shop almost every vehicle as long as they are not just rented.
  • The prices for renting vehicles have been lowered to 50% of the purchase prices!
  • Buggfix: The "Inventory" button in the smartphone now works as intended!
  • The KOS timers are now disabled to prioritize FPS (although the FPS is already very good).
  • Bandage, animal suits etc are now back in the stores.
  • Adjusted buy prices for all items found on the farming market.
  • Fixed the high risk drug dealer. He is located near the airport and is now marked "high risk" on the map only between 16:00 and 00:00 every day, at which times he will give a 15% cash bonus on all drugs sold, during the rest of the day he is an ordinary drug dealer.