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Patch notes 6/1


Executive Manager
Executive Mngr.
Champ Donator
Update 20:00:
  • New anti-duping logs.
  • Fixed the bandage animation (From other player's perspectives)
  • You now need a license to process the various drugs (and you need the "Christer pettersson" perk to buy the license).
  • Added 23 new colors/skins for the Van.
  • Rebreather is back in the donator shop.
  • You can now place another Spike strip if the first one gets run over.
  • Buggfix for event functions.
  • The aparment complex at the federal reserve doesn't have god mode anymore.
  • Medics can no longer bug spawn with guns, vests etc.
  • Sped up the Knockout event a bit (The blocks now disappear faster)
  • Cops can now delete illegal items from their own inventory even when there are other cops nearby (appearently they can't in default altis life!?).
  • The police function for scanning a vehicle's speed using binoculars is back.
  • The cops XP zones in their checkpoints and the prison is back.