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Town auction 4/4


Executive Manager
Executive Mngr.
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It's time for the fourth town to be auctioned to the civilian population.
The auction will be held at the 4/4-18 (wednsday next week) at 21:00!

Vi kommer att ha några regler som gäller specifikt vid auktionen. Detta för att den ska bli så bra som möjligt utan massor störande moment.
We will have some rules at the auction for everyone's convenience:

The rules are as follows:
  1. In order to make a offer in auction the person must have the money he offers on his own bank account at the auction.
  2. Punishments for trolling/disruption of the auction will be more severe than normal.
  3. Have fun and good luck!

The auction will be held at Kavala centre (by Bryan Mills).
The mayor will initiate with a speech after which the auction will begin.

The buyer must pay the mayor for the town right after the auction.

I wish everyone who plans to attend the best of luck, let's have a fun auction!