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What is going on?


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Hi again,

I thought a little update on our progress is in place by now so you all know what's going on!

So, what are we doing? Why is nothing happening?
We are currently working a bit slower since it's summer which makes sitting inside and scripting a bit sad etc, but we are working towards finishing all of our goals before the full release which we hope to finish before the summer is over!

What happened to all of the rebel channels in TS?!?
We are going to use a completely new system for rebels now. Instead of having a whitelisted group of rebels which are picked by the staff there will be a rebel license which grants you access to the rebel shops. The rebel license will be bought in the bandit district once you've captured it, the only way to lose the license is to be arrested by a cop (sent to jail).

What are the goals? What exactly are you actually working on?
We are creating a new version of the Neochori fight, instead of the rebels vs cops fight every sunday there will be a free-for-all fight where each gang, the cops and the medics can participate and the winner controls Neochori for a week, more info about this later. We are also working hard on creating supply depos for the different farming resources which will be cappable by civilian gangs. These depos will be located on the small half-island to the south of Altis, the gang which controls them will receive a 10% fee from all drugs of that type sold to a drug dealer. We are also working on a new special Tesla car which will have almost infinite fuel and much harder to steal, more info about this later! We are also working on redesigning the smartphone and creating some other minor features, if you have any further suggestions please post them here in the thread of PM any of our staff :)

Can I play on the server in the meantime?
Yes! The Open Beta server is up 24/7 to allow you to check out the server, the easiest way to find the server is through the Arma server browser in-game: Click on direct connect and enter arma.forbidden-lands.com for address and 2302 for port.

Any further questions?
Please post any questions you may have here in the thread or send any of our staff a PM :) (If you don't have a website account yet you can create one in the Open Beta server, in the smartphone > Register).
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